How to download instagram reel and what it is?

How to download instagram reels?

What is Instagram reel?

Due to the versatile nature instagram has become a new trend of this era which caters creation of any shots of photos and videos by your phone. With the emerging form, A brand new feature launched by Instagram which let the user to add Popular songs, creative tools with effects. It can be save and share on Instagram with the followers.

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instagram reel.

Features of Instagram reels

  • A 15 to 30 seconds Videos can be recorded and edited by adding desired audio and creative tools with effects.
  • It can be share on Instagram feed  or  with anybody.
  • It can also be save on to your device.

Very often it has been a confusion between Instagram reels and tiktok. However, to clear the same some of the points are given below-

image 15
 Instagram reelsTiktok
Audio featuresLimitedUnlimited
In-app editing featuresLimitedUnlimited
Captions2200 characters100 characters
Paid adsNoYes

Trending reels of Instagram can be accessed by an icon present at the bottom of the Instagram’s home page.

Reels of an individual user can be accessed on the account’s feed.

image 16

Though, instagram reels and Instagram stories sounds similar but they’re different from one another. Here’ how-

Instagram reelsInstagram stories
It features multi and creative form of tools for your videos like AR effects, speed controller etc.It doesn’t features such kind of operations.
It can be shared to stories and also in Explore section. A reel can be posted to feed.Stories can’t be shared in Explore section of Instagram.

Steps to create and download instagram reel

If you ever want to create an Instagram reel, follow these steps-

image 17

Step-1 Select the Reels button option present at the bottom of create Page.

Step-2 You can choose the tools present on the screen for the recording of your video.

Click 🎵 to add music to your video from instagram music library. The favourite part of the audio can also be chosen out from the music.

Click speed to adjust the speed of your video.

image 18

Click Effects to add special effects to your video.

Click timer to adjust the duration of your video.

image 19

Step-3 Once you are ready click on and press the hold button and record. If you want to pause  or end , the record button can be used to end and further to start. A new align button will appear which allows you to line up the objects from previous recordings. If you want to trim a portion of the clip are delete a portion it can be done through < option.

image 20

Step 4  Once it is ready you can also edit recording by adding drawings, gifs, text or any stickers

How to download instagram reels by using the screen recording feature of your smartphone?

The best thing about saving instagram reels by using screen recording feature of your phone is there is no need of installing any third party apps. It simply record the video as well as audio with the quality. However the following steps can be followed-

  • Open the screen recording on your android and now go back to instagram reels and open the desired reel you want to save.
  • tap on the floating screen recorder
  • start recording by clicking on camera option and to pause there will be an option to pause the recording.
  • Once done it will automatically save to your device.
  • If you’re using an iPhone you have to sure about the recordings will save to the control centre.
  • To customise , open settings and go to control centre.
  • Customise the control and add the screen recording to it.
  • Go to instagram and open the desired video
  • Swipe upwards where you will see the control centre option
  • Click on start to start the recording and go back to the instagram and play the desired video.
  • Once it is done, a red bar will be shown to you that is Stop and clicking on that the video will be save to photos app.

How to download instagram reels on your Android?

To those who wants to download the desired reels from instagram here is some steps you have to follow-

  • First, you have to go Google Play Store and download and install the video downloader app for instagram.
  • After installation, go back to the instagram and open the desired video.
  • Click on the three- dot button on the top right corner. A table of various options will appear where you have to click on copy link option. Link of the current video will be copied now.
  • Next, you have to open the installed video downloader app and here your URL will be automatically copied and the video will be opened with the option of Download the video. Click on Download and it will downloaded to your device locally.

How to  save the video within the app?

To save the video within the app you have to follow following steps-

  • Open the desired video and click on the three dot button where it will show a save option, click on save option.
  • To access this saved video go to your account settings and video will be shown to you in the saved >all posts folder.

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